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Supplier “Best Practice” Guidelines

*Important* – Please read the details below before proceeding to fill out the supplier roster request form at the bottom of the page:

We want to build long standing relationships with our suppliers, and we feel by trying to be as transparent as possible it will help both parties to enjoy a healthy working environment. We have written these guidelines in the hope it will help future suppliers manage our expectations and requirements (please note that we are using this only as a best practice guide and is in no way a legal document that we are bound by).

1.)  To contact us for the first time as a new supplier about your specific services you will need to use the form below (if you already have a relationship with us then please continue to use your current method). If any companies that sign up any of our e-mail addresses to their e-mail marketing and send us generic unwarranted communications without our permission may well lose their place on the supplier roster. We have made this e-mail address available for suppliers for personal communication after they have signed up to the form below only). Any e-mails without sign up to best practice guidelines or to other generic Grand Slam Events e-mail addresses will not be recognised and deleted.

2.) To make our business a fair place for our suppliers, we will only send out tender requests to no more than 3 different companies for each piece of work we require. If for whatever reason these requests are not at the level required we will submit to a further 3 organisations on our reserve list. We will always try where possible to include at least 1 new company per tender but is not possible for us to guarantee that. We will also try our best to let you know if you are on the tender list for a job or not.

3.) We require all our suppliers to adhere to a very strict service level agreement and we work to the following pattern with all our suppliers:

  • Quote:  24 hours from receipt of enquiry unless agreed as different (Monday to Friday Only)
  • Queries: Acknowledgement of query within 3 hours from receipt.  Resolution within 24 hours (Monday to Friday Only)

4.) We ask as standard for 30 days payment terms from all of our suppliers. Due to the nature of the events business a lot of our work involves recharging our clients, so we need this time to make sure we collect payments first before settling all accounts. If you feel this is not something you can accommodate then please do not contact us as we are probably not the company for you.

5.) We have signed up to the governments Prompt Payment Code – see here for details: as part of our commitment to the valuable works of our suppliers we want to make sure they are paid on time and within the payment terms agreed.

6.) Clients always require us to provide references which are a very valid and an important process to go through, so we request new suppliers to provide us with references (on request only) from at least 3 contactable clients before we will add them to our permanent roster, or tender them any large scale work (for small scale work we may not ask for any references). These references should be independent and not include friends, family or parties with a conflict of interest.

7.)  We often re-sell supplier services and as standard we will look at a minimum of 10% commission depending on the service for our company when doing this (we do negotiate on many deals but this is the minimum we generally start on). This list is an example of some of the services (not a full list) we resell to give you an idea of what we might use (please contact us directly to enquire about the exact services) – Corporate Hospitality, Exhibition Planning, Team Building, Promotional Merchandise, Marketing Collateral, Print, Artworking, Venue Selection, A.V, Stand Design, Video, Catering, Web Design, Entertainment, Speakers, Awards, Musicians etc…

8.)  Any failure to respond to a tender request within 7 days will result in removal from our supplier roster permanently, as we require a high level of personal service in our supplier relationships. A response to decline to tender is not a problem, and we encourage that rather than a non-response.

9.) We will also try and provide in-depth and honest evaluation of our suppliers services (after larger scale operations) so that lessons can be learned and discussed for future potential projects.

10.) We will also endeavour to let you know if we do not require your services, or whether you offer services that we have never used so that we can limit everyone’s time

11.) In line with our company core values we will not send our supplier’s quotes to other competitors of theirs just in order to get a better deal for ourselves. We believe in making sure our suppliers information is confidential and treated with respect. In return we hope our suppliers will do us their best deal they can first time, every time.

12.) The 3 suppliers that are asked to tender will be graded 1-3 in order of how well they performed against a brief or request, and we respectfully will tell companies that are graded number 3 on more than 3 consecutive tenders that they are unlikely to be requested to tender in the future (unless there are exceptional circumstances or a very close tender process).

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