Office Olympics

Office Olympics                                                                                     Click event images above to enlarge:

Grand Slam® Events brings to you the Office Olympics!

Participants are normally split into teams and take part into exciting games, fun quizzes and tasks. A call sign is given to each team, who are encouraged to be as loud as possible!

This is a fantastic activity involving interaction between and within teams. A selection of games can be chosen for your team building package:

  • Build a crane – This activity is fantastic to stimulate creativity and resource management. Teams are given a choice of equipment that they can buy from the instructor and they are challenged to build a crane with the materials given. Points are given for weight lifted and appearance of the crane. Planning skills are needed!
  • Jenga challenge – Everyone has played Jenga before, but we doubt you’ve ever played on such a big one?
  • Washing power advert –  Teams are challenged to create a washing powder advert with a Polaroid camera, followed by presenting it to the rest of the groups. Creativity and imagination are essential!
  • Blindfold tent – An excellent activity to test your communication skills. Teams are required to designate communicators and facilitators. While facilitators are blindfolded, communicators are in charge of instructing the blindfolded team members to erect a tent, then get in and zip up the door.
  • Caterpillar – Six members per team are required to stand inside the caterpillar track whilst holding it above their heads. More teams can compete at the same time. Team work is fundamental as teams have to work together to avoid falling.
  • Egg tower – Teams are provided with newspapers, cellotape and an egg. Teams are challenged to build a tower as tall as possible to support the egg. A few minutes are given to plan the design and the aim is to build the tallest tower.
  • Board meeting – Team members need to balance themselves on a small board while singing the chorus of a song. Teams are asked to create their own lyrics and adapt them to a famous tune of their choice. Creativity and team building are key. The results could be hilarious!


    • 1 team – £650 + VAT 
    • 2 teams – £800 + VAT
    • 3 teams – £950 + VAT
    • 4 teams – £1100 + VAT
    • 5 teams – £1250 + VAT
    • 6 teams – £1400 + VAT
    • 7 teams – £1550 + VAT
    • 8 teams – £1700 + VAT
    • 9 teams – £1850 + VAT
    • 10 team – £2000 + VAT

Prices are plus delivery.

Office Olympics can be arranged at a venue of your choice or we can help you sourcing a suitable venue throughout the UK.


We accept all these payment methods:                                      Payment Mini

*Note that cards over the phone will incur a charge of 3.5%

We are more than happy to receive payment by invoice to help you save money.


For further details, please do not hesitate to speak to Patricia on the live chat, or alternatively contact her directly here or call 0208 405 6415.

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