Cryptic Challenge

Cryptic Challenge
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Non-stop activity as teams complete as many of the 20+ challenges as possible. Reminiscent of the ‘Crystal Maze’ teams choose between Mental, Physical and Mystery games and are rewarded by millions of pounds in company sponsored money.

Challenges are specially selected to entertain the teams and test their brains and wit rather than brawn and intellect. This is our most popular event and incredibly flexible as we can run indoors, outdoors or a combination of both.

Example Challenges:

  • Toppling Tower – Using the blocks teams race head to head to build the tallest tower, with only a few minutes available for this game teams must plan and work quickly. The team must then redesign their tower for a second attempt against the clock.
  • Castle Plan – The group have 10 minutes to view a complete foam castle and plan how they will reconstruct it in a simulated darkness environment. They then have 5 minutes to reassemble the castle using their organisational and communication skills to the full. (the castle is changed for one 8 times the size after guests are blindfolded)
  • Shapes – Blindfolded participants are handed several different foam shapes that only they can feel. The team must work out which are the odd shapes with no matches and which shapes make up a set. Some shapes are obviously different but others vary only by one feature. This is a serious test requiring clear and precise communication from all of the team along with good listening skills.
  • Zin Obelisk – The team must solve the riddle of the Zin Obelisk construction. Each guest has several unique ‘clues’ that only they can see. Apart they seem like nonsense but put together the team can reach the solution. This is a very strong communication task, where clear and concise explanations and calculations are necessary.

What’s Included:

  • Great egg race finale
  • ‘Company’ fun money
  • Champagne prize
  • Humorous prizes for the most memorable characters of the day
  • Event manager & experienced instructors
  • personal event coordinator
  • Waterproofs
  • First aid cover
  • £5 million public & product liability insurance

Venue Requirements

This ideally requires a large indoor area, however a collection of smaller areas can be suitable.


The price quoted below is based on an example of 35 guests (6 Teams) in the London/M25/Home Counties Area (we can organise events UK wide, so contact us for further details)


Please not that venue hire is not included in the price.


We accept all these payment methods:                                      Payment Mini

*Note that cards over the phone will incur a charge of 3.5%

We are more than happy to receive payment by invoice to help you save money.


For further details please do not hesitate to speak to Patricia on the live chat, or alternatively contact her directly here or call 0208 405 6415.

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Latest Testimonials…

My feedback is extremely positive: I have found Grand Slam Events very competent, punctual and reliable. Grand Slam definitely offers valuable support and friendly staff and are very helpful. Our customers were enthusiastic about the program and the organisation of the evening, which they judged to be \"unforgettable.\" I would use them again if I were to organise other events and I would also recommend them to colleagues in other departments of FIAMM.” Francesca Bolla
From the twitter account:

Great praise from our Social Club committee for the team at @GrandSlamEvents. Highly recommend these guys! #CorporateEvents

A big #FF to Kevin & Serena @GrandSlamEvents for all of their hard work planning our Christmas Party. Thanks so much guys, can’t wait! PLC
I am writing to express my appreciation of the outstanding job Grand Slam Events did in the organisation of our event; not only meeting but indeed exceeding the wishes - and expectations - of the guests both in the overall organisation and standard and quality of catering provided, which was amazing, and so remarked upon by all those I spoke to on the day. What makes it even more so is how they were able to achieve all this in spite of the very short notice given them to arrange the event. I can confidently state that Grand Slam Events professional handling of the occasion made a major contribution on the day and made it an uplifting positive celebration.
Nesta Fitzgerald